Perfectly taken measurements assure you of perfectly fitting outfits.


You will need a tailor’s measuring tape. If you don't have one, you may pick it up from your local stationary store in less than Rs. 50. The next most important thing you need is a friend to help you. A length of string or ribbon is also quite handy. .

In our experience, it's best to wear snug fitting clothes, while you are measuring yourself. This not only helps you measure accurately, but also makes it a lot easier to see what you're measuring. We also recommend wearing the same or a similar bra (preferably a recently purchased and well fitted) to the one you will wear under your outfit.

We suggest you measure yourself keeping two fingers inside the tape. Select ‘Inches’ as your measuring unit.


We recommend measuring to an accuracy of a quarter of an inch. Which means if you get a data of 12.25 inches, make it 12.5 inches. If you get a data of 12.75 inches, make it 13 inches.